We’re a Norway-based system operator that finances, delivers, and manages shared urban infrastructure.
Here’s what we do


Our integrated digital platform provides real-time analytics, user-friendly apps, and advanced back office tools. This technology-driven approach allows us to run operations that are intelligent, efficient, and ready to scale.


We create awareness and excitement around our platforms to activate the user base. Throughout the operation, we work to onboard new members, engage existing members, and incorporate our infrastructure into the culture of the city.


Our operation services include building and maintaining hardware, managing the movement of resources, and overseeing the customer experience. We’re a full-service operator that makes large operations run smoothly for both the users and the city.


We provide financial solutions to help establish shared urban resources. We have secured a solid capital foundation, which allows us to financially engage with interesting projects over the long term. In addition to our own projects, we’re also able to act as a financial partner for other developments or operations.

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Urban Infrastructure Partner
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