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We operate world-class city bike share systems. From data-driven planning, to station building and maintenance, to engaging the local community, our proven technology manages bike share platforms that are efficient, intelligent, and ready to scale.

At Urban Infrastructure Partner, our main objective is to improve mobility in growing urban areas. Bike sharing is one of the most effective ways to reduce traffic congestion, relieve pressure from crowded public transit, and improve quality of life for city residents.

Many cities have adopted bike share schemes, but few have implemented and operated them to their full potential. We believe that shared infrastructure systems like city bikes aren’t just a novelty; they’re an increasingly critical element of urban mobility. Our world-class bike share platform is designed as quality urban infrastructure that’s sustainable over the long term, and ready to scale. We’ve placed technology at the core of our operations, offering an integrated digital platform that includes real-time analytics, user-friendly apps, and advanced software engineering.

Oslo City Bike

Our bike share platform has been proven as one of the most efficient in the world. As our flagship installment, Oslo City Bike (Oslo Bysykkel) launched in Oslo, Norway in Spring 2016 and reached over two million rides in its first season, with an average of almost ten rides per bike each day. In Oslo, information about available bikes and locks have been made available in Ruter, the city’s travel planning app. This provides live status reports of city transport, including city bikes.

Bærum City Bike

The municipality of Bærum outside Oslo utilized our platform to plan, develop, and launch their bike sharing system in early June 2016. Bærum operates their bike sharing system independently.

Bergen Festival Bike

From 20 May to 7 June 2016, UIP established a complete but temporary bike sharing system in the city of Bergen. The system was sponsored by DNV.GL in association with Bergen International Festival. The goal was to create a positive disruption in the city’s mobility infrastructure and to introduce city bike sharing. The system received overwhelming enthusiasm from its users, who had never before experienced a complete bike sharing system in their city.

Our intelligent bike sharing services include the following: custom integrated technology, a creative approach to user engagement and customer experience, full-service operations, and financial solutions. From launch to day-to-day maintenance, our platform combines cutting-edge technology with a street-level understanding of urban culture.

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