Moving forward

Cities thrive because we share. We share our space, our streets and our ideas. Yet with increased population growth and urbanisation, cities are becoming less efficient, less equitable and less usable. In Urban Sharing we believe mobility is a basic human right, that quality of life comes with the freedome to move. We are comitted to contiounsly improve personal mobility on small shared vehicles, creating more sustainable cities and healty communties with clean air.

Moving people forward. Moving cities forward.

Do more with less

Urban Sharing enables operators of shared micromobility to run their fleets efficiently, sustainably and at a profit. We turn insights and user needs into products that are easy to use for both street crew and citizens. By adding digital infrastructure to physical space we create flexible services for the riders, regulated order for the city while maintaining control for the operator. Through real-time data and machine learning we help our customers get more out of their operation, reduce their cost and invest in new fleets with confidence.

What sets us a part?

Native to micromobility

We're not translating ideas from a car paradigm into smaller vehicles. We start with what's unique to micromobility. Just like desktop application never had success in the smartphone revolution we believe in building small first.

Enabling technology

We are set up to help our customer succeed. We aim to provide the tools needed to run sustainably at a profit and with the highest possible effect.

A true platform

Powering multiple different operators, with a wide range of small vehicles across cities Urban Sharing is in a unqiue position to bring insights on smarter operation across markets and vehicles to help evolve the market.

Learn, predict and adapt

Data is core in our platform. The ability to learn from every action and transaction in the system. To automate the self-learning process and turn that into insightful predictions on maintenance, rebalancing and growth. We help our customers evolve from static to dynamic and always adapting services.

Open and integrated

Cities are built on the idea of collaborations and hand-overs. Transport is specifically dependent on facilitating the idea of moving across operators, vehicles and through time/space. Urban Sharing is dedicated to be best in class on providing open data on availability, historical data to help the eco-system understand how a city moves and always facilitate integrations of new vehicles and into public transport.


We value privacy and security and are dedicated to meet standards such as GDPR. We believe citizens should have the opportunity to travel, confident that they do so in privacy. Putting shared technology out of the street also require the highest standard of security. We work with both Google and Telco to make sure both the vehicles and personal data remains safe and secure.


Urban Sharing is a passionate group of people with background from Uber, Google, Cisco, Schibsted, Nextbike, public transport, payment, mobile, telco and more. What brings us all together is how we want to apply our skills to the greater goal of moving cities forward in a more efficient and sustainable way.