Our technology platform is used by world-class shared mobility systems.
Some of our projects

Oslo City Bike

Oslo City Bike is Urban Sharing's flagship system. By the end of its first season (2016), the new Oslo City Bike had achieved over 2,000,000 trips, a 110% increase from the previous system in 2015. Based on trips per bike per day, Oslo City Bike is now one of the most efficiently operated bike sharing systems in the world.

Edinburgh Cycle Hire

In Fall 2018, Urban Sharing's technology was launched for the first time outside of Norway with the new Edinburgh Cycle Hire, the city's first bike sharing scheme. In partnership with Serco, we provide the system's software platform and hardware elements, including our custom hybrid lock.

Trondheim City Bike

We launched Trondheim City Bike in May 2018 with an all-new system design featuring updated bikes and docks, and hybrid locks that allow for virtual stations using geofencing technology.

Bergen City Bike

In July 2018 we launched our software platform as part of Bergen's first permanent, year-round bike sharing scheme. Bergen City Bike features our custom hybrid locks, user-friendly apps, and advanced software tools.

Bærum City Bike

The municipality of Bærum outside Oslo utilized our platform to plan, develop, and launch Bærum Bysykkel in early June 2016. Bærum operates their bike sharing system independently.

Oslo Cargo Bike

In January 2018 we began piloting a new mobility solution: Oslo Cargo Bike. Though a project with Hertz Bilpool, we're offering electric cargo bikes for short-term rentals. The bikes feature our hybrid lock, and the pilot will study how the cargo bikes are used as a transitional mobility solution between car sharing and bike sharing. Read more about the pilot at Medium.

Oslo Winter Bike

During the winter of 2018-2019, we're piloting Oslo Winter Bike. The bikes feature our specialized winter tires and our custom hybrid locking solution.

Ready to scale and expand

Our product is designed to easily adapt to other types of shared urban resources, with a focus on micro-mobility.

We will adapt our software and data analytics, first developed for bike sharing, to optimize operations, system management, and customer experience in other shared urban contexts. There are many ways in which our technology can help cities to achieve sustainable urban growth.

If you are interested in a project or partnership, contact us at post@urbansharing.com.

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