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Product Portfolio

Download our brand new product portfolio. We have new data analytics tools and our predictive rebalancing app that has just launched. Request a demo today!

For operators
All the software tools needed to deploy and scale your micromobility operation more efficiently. Choose from our own hardware or from our integration partners.
For cities
We'll help you integrate micromobility into your existing infrastructure based on the needs of your citizens.
For partners
Our platform is built with integration in mind. Let's work together to bring your product to customers of shared micromobility.

Take control of your fleet

  • Move vehicles to where your users expect them to be
  • Predict the day-to-day user behavior with confidence
  • Bring order to your system with both physical and virtual infrastructure

Get access to real time predictions

Our platform provides the data you need to better understand your system and its riders. We apply machine learning to our tools so that you can continuously fine-tune your rebalancing operations, all in real time.

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    Understand day-to-day user behavior
  • Bike
    Rebalance your system to meet user-demand
  • profile-placeholder
    Predict your fleet's maintenance needs on the fly

Plug your fleet into virtual and physical infrastructure

Urban Sharing's platform lets you work with both physical and geofenced virtual stations. Should you prioritize the stability of physical stations, the adaptability of virtual stations, or a hybrid combination, we will power a system that makes the most sense for your city.

Integrate with a platform designed for micromobility

The Urban Sharing platform was built based on operational experience tailored to micromobility. Through our fleet management tools, you can match supply with demand in real time. Place hardware performance and maintenance control at the core of your operation.

  • radiowaves
    Built for mobile, 100% cloud-based.
  • Scooter
    Started with bikes and scooters, not cars.
  • lock
    Our platform is built on the principles of privacy by design.
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Streamline your operations

We deliver a one-stop web-based administration platform designed to work be intuitive for every member of your team. No more misaligned databases and individual tools. Everything you need to make your operations run smoothly will be based on the same data source.

  • Barchart
    Live dashboards
  • Bike
    Assets management
  • Profile-placeholder
    User management
  • Shopping Cart
    Product and sales management
  • Truck
    Rebalancing tools
  • Wrench
    Maintenance reporting and logging

Give your riders a simplified user experience

Offer an app that is simple to use. No RFID cards, no PIN, no QR-codes. With just a few taps, your riders will use and return each vehicle without any fuss.

Optimize your city

Let us optimize your fleet to meet the pace of a new urban reality. Our system is designed for your team to operate in a way that puts the needs of your riders first. Every trip is data point that can be learned from to continuously improve your system and your riders' user experience.